jacks Buriram 4Not long ago, a somewhat esteemed colleague of the Buriram Times Team unexpectedly spotted a bright, shiny all singing all dancing night time venue.

Although this night time music attraction has been going for over a year already, it was still for some of us a bit of a surprise.

Frank, our esteemed colleague, was kind enough to write in and tell us all about his experience in Jack’s Bar. Many thanks to our friend Frank.

Please read his full report below:

Jack’s Vip Karaoke and Resort

Purely by chance, I recently stumbled upon “Jacks Karaoke” out on the road to Phuthaisong. It’s about 600 metres past Ice Furniture on the other side of the road, just opposite an LPG garage.

The main Karaoke is in the usual large barn like structure, but unusually, it is clean, comfortable and you will not be deafened by the noise. There is wi-fi for those who must be connected at all times.

Outside Seating

 jacks Buriram 2

Like all such venues the ladies seem to be quite competitive about their singing voices and of course add a bit of pleasant eye candy to the proceedings.

Jack, the personable American owner keeps the volume at a level where conversation is no problem. Unlike some places I have visited, where there was a good chance you’ll have sore ears ears after your first beer.


Food is Thai, but Jack says he can fix “non spicy” on request. His staff were friendly and efficient and prices fair. Currently Jack’s is open evenings only, but the intention is to open from 10 am within a month or so with probably some live lunchtime music.

As well as the main Karaoke there are several outside sitting areas, some around a large fish pond. He also has 10 bungalows with aircon, TV etc., at 400 Baht a night, plus two meeting/function rooms taking 10 to 80 people.

All in all really friendly place with a laid back ambiance which has been put together with quality and style.

Frank Barber

Outdoor Seating



 jacks Buriram 3

Singing Girls

jacks Ladies Buriram