Japan Praises Thailand For Improvements In Road Safety – And That Includes The Police


Japan praises Thailand for improvements in road safety – and that includes the police

A representative of Thailand’s Ministry of Transport and Communications was all smiles as he told the media that Japanese counterparts had praised Thailand for its efforts to improve road safety.

This came despite the country figuring at or near the top of the charts for death on the roads.

Jirut Wisanjit emerged from a meeting chaired by Transport Minister Arkhom Termpitthayaphaisit to say that the MLIT had praised seven Thai agencies for their work in improving safety on the roads and in other areas.

This included the Highways Department, the Department of Rural Roads, the Royal Thai Police and the State Railways.

The MLIT stands for the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. The Japanese ministry has been offering their advice to the Thais especially on matters concerning road safety.

Jirut said the MLIT had praised Thailand for lessening accidents at various accident black spots.

He said the implementation of several measures drew the praise. These included “Optical Speed Bars” (speed restriction measures), “Your Speed” signs, (that give a driver’s current speed), “Overhang” (signage over the head of traffic) and “Anti-Skid” marks on roads, especially at bends.

Jirut said there had been far fewer accidents since the Thais had listened to the Japanese advice.

He cited several examples. One was a hill known as Khao Pleung in Uttaradit where there were 27 accidents in 2015.

After measures were introduced in 2016 this was down to just 13 accidents. In 2017 it was only nine.

Other places were also success stories such as a black spot in Pathum Thani north of Bangkok. An area of Route 3312 had experienced an 80% reduction in accidents after advice by the Japanese to the Thais.

Source: Daily News

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