Full on percussion support

“Khon Kaen Football Club……it`s like watching Brazil!” Well not quite but they do have a Brazilian player in their squad and a few other overseas players. Khon Kaen Football club play in the Thai League Division 3 Northern Division. They play in town at the Khon Kaen Stadium, which holds about 8,000 spectators.

One Saturday a friend invited me to come along and watch a game. Cue the heavens opening up with thunder and lightening. Proper football weather. Undeterred we met at the stadium, paying 60 baht for the privilege. Think of that Premier League bosses! there are slighlty more expensive places to sit, like near the dug out but hardly executive prices.

In 2010 Khon Kaen Football club made it all the way to The Thai Premier League but sadly finished bottom and were relegated. Not bad though considering they only registered as a professional club in 2007. At the time of writing they lie 2nd in the league with 6 games to go.

Rather soaked we entered this rather spacious ground that has a running track around it. We could sit anywhere so naturally I edged close to The Khon Kaen Ultras along with the karaoke chant leader and a complete drum band. They’re not really ultras as in the European versions. Their actual nick name, unsurprisingly, is the T-Rexs. How many more references Khon Kaen can make to dinosaurs I don’t know.

Khon Kaen were 5-0 up by half time supported by a cacophony of noise from The T-Rex boys ‘n’ girls all decked out in the clubs yellow & black colours. It was actually decent football to watch and a good, friendly atmosphere. Sadly in the 2nd half there were no more goals, even though they should have doubled their score. That didn`t deter the fans who kept on singing.

I thoroughly enjoyed it. So if you like your football and want to watch it live, in the flesh. Get down to Khoan Kaen Football Stadium and support the mighty T-Rexs`




Khon Kaen Ultras