Nurse contracted TB. (Photo:-Sanook)

Thai media has said that the case of a Khon Kaen nurse who contracted tuberculosis from a sick patient highlights the need for continued action to help Thailand’s nurses.

While reports that the government were adding more than 10,000 nurses to hospitals over the next few years was good news, much remained to be done.

They highlighted the case of Nisakorn Sutphoh who they said caught TB and needed two weeks off work. Apart from the effects of a serious disease the nurse was left with financial difficulty from lack of earnings and had not received proper treatment.

They said that she was let down but was one of many suffering similar problems through no fault of their own.

More needs to be done to help the overworked nurses and doctors in the government health sector.

Exposure to disease was an obvious factor in working in a hospital but when combined with overworked and tired medical staff whose immune systems could be compromised it was an even more serious problem.

The government needs to review working practices to make them fair and equitable and help the nation’s healthcare professionals.

Government minister Sanserm Kaewkamnert has announced that 10,992 nurses would be enrolled by 2019 helping to ease the pressure on the healthcare system.

(Source:- Sanook)


By Juninho