It appears that Khon Kaen, at least in the city, is re-opening legally today for all venues. Whilst masks must still be worn and gatherings of over a thousand people are not allowed, some entertainment venues have also been given the green light to open.

Restaurants are already fully open and allowed to sell alcohol until 12 midnight. Entertainment venues that meet the safety criteria can now also open.

Bars, clubs, massage parlours and other service sector operations within the city or Muang district are pretty much back to normal although closing time restrictions may be in force to 12 midnight. This does not apply to all districts where 6pm is still the required time to stop selling alcohol.

It’s a very different pciture from the start of the year when restrictions were fairly strict still. With declining cases and less deaths the local government has been able to gradually open the hospitality sector.

With the opening of schools and offices as well local entrepreneurs are hoping for a stimulus to the provinces’ economy.

The President of the Chamber of Commerce gave an interview yesterday asking for all sectors to rise to the challenge and receive as much help as possible to get back to pre covid levels of expansion. This is especially important given outside factors fuelling price rises that Khon Kaen is doing its best to resist.

It certainly seems to be a lot busier around the city in general and much needed boost after some very challenging times.