Kid With A Pot On His Head Instead Of A Helmet Amuses Thailand


Photo credit: Tanit Bussabong


Thailand was in stitches after pictures of a boy wearing a pot with handles instead of a helmet were shared widely across social media.


The boy was one of three on a bike as police in Nakorn Nayok pulled them over.


Officer Tanit Bussabong explained that at first the “helmet” was being worn by the boy in the center and it looked from a distance like the real thing.


On closer inspection it was anything but! The officers had fun making the driver of the bike try it out.


Officer Tanit posted that he would donate a real helmet to the boy if he turned up at the police station.


The police in the town north east of Bangkok are carrying out a campaign to encourage helmet use and stop three people riding on motorcycles.


Their aim is 100% compliance.


Amid the humor is the stark reality that not wearing helmets on motorcycles is one of the leading causes of death for Thai teens.


Thousands die each year, notes Thaivisa.


No mention was made in the Daily News story of a fine or fines.


(Source: – Daily News)


Times comment:  Only in Thailand!

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