KKday Tourism Website Arrives In Thailand

KKday available in Thailand.

Taiwan-based tourism website KKday has arrived in Thailand and it allows customers to design their own trips and activities.

To ensure a flexible service, the website provides more than 6,000 itineraries that can be divided into 25 different categories and take travellers to explore 174 cities in 54 countries. Thailand is the newest kid in the KKday family and targets young travellers who are looking for fun activities and memorable sightseeing trips on holiday.

The website meets the demands of digital-era lifestyles by making it easy for customers to check local events and festivals, read reviews and book their own tour in a few clicks.

 “Thais are renowned for their warm welcome to tourists visiting their country and this openness extends to a genuine interest in other cultures and a love of travel. Asia is home to some spectacular cities and I envisage that members in Thailand will want to soak up the atmosphere and truly experience holiday breaks in Taiwan, Korea and Japan.

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