Lethal Mix Of Rain, Slippery Roads And Speed: 65 Dead On Thai Roads On Monday

In their continuing campaign to highlight the carnage on Thailand’s roads Daily News said that 65 died “at the scene” on Monday.
Quoting police at an accident in Ban Chang, Rayong they said that rain, slippery roads and speed were making driving conditions hazardous.
In the central/eastern town a four door pick-up with Bangkok plates on Sukhumvit road bound for Ban Chang from Sattahip hit a power pole.
One died and five were injured. Police said they had been on a night out.
The latest deaths brought the total for August to 991 and the total for the year to date to 9,658.
Daily News caution that these statistic are just for those dead at the scene of accidents.
In reality the figures are far higher, notes Thaivisa, with many safety advocates and even government figures suggesting the figure is about 25,000 per year – or an average of more than 2,000 deaths a month.
If this death toll continues a million people will be killed in Thailand before 2060.
(Source: – Daily News)

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