The Madness Of Youth On Thai Roads

There isn’t a day goes by in many bars that the topic of driving doesn’t crop up. The dreadful accident figures are well documented and all of us experience potential problems every day.

The authorities are constantly trying to find ways of reducing the carnage but seem to constantly ignore one group who are a menace to themselves and other road users. Male Thai teenagers.

We all know the recklessness of youth but these young men are taking things too far. They appear to think they are indestructible and are constantly trying to find new ways of being “cool” on their bikes.

The latest trend is to remove the mirrors. Apparently it is considered wimpy to have mirrors. Whilst I understand why they don’t use them on big race bikes, mirrors are essential for safe everyday driving on bikes and of course in cars.

There is nothing soft about staying alive and it’s time these idiots were educated as to why they need mirrors. A visit to the morgue would be helpful ! (note:- a policeman was recently seen with no mirrors on his bike !)

Another even more worrying trend is driving at night without lights, often at speed. I have been forced off the road in my car twice by an unlit motorcycle. I say forced in the sense that I turned the wheel quickly to avoid taking out the bikes.

Quite recently I was told the story of someone riding their motorcycle without lights but instead had a torch in his mouth !!

Excessive speeding in Buriram is a major problem on Friday and Saturday nights on the road to the Chang Arena but there’s never a policeman in sight. Don’t parents care about their children?

Other comments by readers point out that many drive with their heads crouched almost to the level of the handlebars. How can they possible be aware of what is going on around them?

It’s time someone took responsibility and started to address these problems or the statistics will continue to rise.

This article is not aimed at experienced bike riders who are well-versed on how to drive safely, only the young people who seem to treat staying alive as something of a joke.



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