Mandatory Health Insurance For Over 50s In Thailand Only Affects Those On Non-Immigrant Visa O-A

Thaivisa has today spoken with Prachuap Khiri Khan Immigration in a bid to try and clear up some confusion surrounding the recent announcement regarding mandatory health insurance for Non-Immigrant Visa O-A.


Prachuap Khiri Khan Immigration told Thaivisa that the new requirements only affect people seeking Non-Immigrant Visa O-A.


The requirement for mandatory health insurance does not affect those people who stay in Thailand on a Non O extension of stay based on retirement.


The requirement also does not apply to those staying in Thailand on a marriage extension or an extension of stay based on being a parent to a Thai child.


Prachuap Khiri Khan Immigration said they have had elderly foreigners visiting their office incorrectly believing they are affected by the new requirements.


Prachuap Khiri Khan Immigration stressed it is important for foreign retirees in Thailand to familiarise themselves with exactly what it says in their passport in order to determine if they stay in Thailand on an Non-Immigrant Visa O-A or an extension of stay based on retirement.


Many people, both foreigners and also immigration officials, use the term ‘retirement visa’ when what they are actually referring to is an ‘extension of stay based on retirement’.


It is this inaccuracy which has lead to some of the confusion.


If you stay in Thailand on Non-Immigrant Visa O-A, you will have something like this in your passport:



An extension of stay based on retirement looks like this:




A Non-Immigrant Visa O-A is obtained from a Thai Embassy or Consulate in your home country, whereas an ‘extension of stay based on retirement’ is normally obtained from your local immigration office in Thailand.


For expats living in Hua Hin, anyone who is still unsure about what type of visa or extension they have are urged to contact Prachuap Khiri Khan Immigration at their office in Thap Thai, where officers will be happy to answer any questions.


Prachuap Khiri Khan Immigration also stressed to Thaivisa that retirees should not panic regarding the new measures, especially if you reside in Thailand on a Non O extension of stay based on retirement as the mandatory health insurance requirement does not affect you.


While it is yet to be confirmed, The Nation reported earlier that the new mandatory health insurance requirement for Non-Immigrant Visa O-A are likely to come into force from July onwards.


Thaivisa spoke to Prachuap Khiri Khan Immigration on the Surf 102.5 FM Breakfast Show.


(Source: – The Nation)

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