Massive No To Songkran In Ex-Pat Survey

Ex-pats give Songkran the thumbs down in survey.

The results of the Thaivisa survey regarding what people do at Songkran have been published.

And the figures are clear at least for the middle aged group of respondents – we hide at home or get the hell out of Dodge!

Asked what people do at Songkran almost ten percent said they decided to leave the country altogether. While 71 percent of respondents indicated they would stay home or not venture out.

Less than 20 percent of respondents said they played Songkran.

However, it should be noted that 75% of the people who replied to the survey were aged 51 and over compared to just 4% under 30 years of age.

The nationalities that responded the most were British, 30%, US, 25%, Australian 15% and German 3%. All the remaining were of other nationalities.

Asked where they live 20% said Bangkok, 20% Pattaya, 8% Hua Hin, and 7% Phuket. The rest lived elsewhere in the kingdom.

Forum comments on the subject mostly backed up the survey’s findings.

Darksidedog said: “I leave the country for ten days. And before anyone asks, yes, I am a miserable old git!”

While Phuket Man was a stay-at-home-boy commenting: “I stay indoors for a week wearing noise reduction headphones.”

Some 162 people have filled in the survey so far.

The results are hardly surprising, especially in the middle-age bracket. It is understood that it’s a special time for Thais and they are entitled to celebrate. More or less everyone accepts that.

However, what many people will never accept is having water thrown over them when driving a motorcycle and why the “water playing” needs to go on for so long.

Surely one day of that should suffice and think how much precious water would be saved instead of being wasted. It is highly likely the Thais could find something else to amuse them for the rest of the holiday.

Another idea might be wearing red which means throw water over me at your peril ! Anyone want to go into red t-shirt production ?

(Source: Thaivisa)


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