Is It All Over For “My Mate Nate” As Calls For His Expulsion Increase

Nate, is his number up? (Photo:-Sanook)

The Thai state railways are stepping up the heat on YouTuber Nate Bartling after his latest stunt putting coins on their tracks.

They say he has broken a 1921 trespass law and plan to speak to him today.

Meanwhile a website that has called for him to be thrown out of Thailand has also been visited thousands of times.

Some 30,000 people on have signed a petition calling for the American to be given his marching orders from Thailand immediately.

Nate has angered people in the past with stunts embarrassing Thai teenagers in the English language.

But when he moved his antics into what many said was animal cruelty more people took notice – he froze a fish in liquid nitrogen then made a cat fight a scorpion – all filmed for his YouTube channel.

But his latest stunts putting a variety of foreign coins on railway tracks may be the straw that broke the camel’s back for the Thai authorities – and Thai speaking Nate’s future in the kingdom.

An expert from a Lat Krabang engineering institute – Mongkhol Mongkholwongjot – said that while coins on the tracks could not derail a train, over time they could cause damage to the wheels and tracks limiting their lifespan.

Now Thanongsak Phongprasert at the State Railways of Thailand has said that Nate’s activity constitutes the breaking of ordinances introduced in 1921.

Thanongsak said a case has been prepared against Nate Bartling for trespass that will be presented today.

Sanook’s story itself has been shared 19,000 times with rumours that Nate’s channel has been viewed millions of times. He will have received money for all those clicks.


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