Minivan Driver Drags Security Man All The Way Home Under His Wheels

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A 72 year old minivan driver dragged a guard for three kilometers under the wheels of his vehicle without realizing it.

He got home then noticed that there was the corpse of a man under his van.

He recalled seeing an overturned motorcycle earlier and went over something but checking in his rear view mirror did not see a problem.

Muang district police in Nakorn Pathom and medics went to the house of Jinda Sunsuk where they found the body of Prasert Phuraya, 57, under the vehicle normally used to transport passengers from Bangkok to Nakorn Pathom.

Driver Jinda, 72 said that he was on him way home without any passengers when he spotted the overturned bike and went over something.

He checked behind him but nothing was amiss.

It was only when he got home he realized what had happened and called the police.

Only the head of the victim was visible, the mangled body was under the vehicle with the clothes entangled in the undercarriage.

The van had no collision damage.

A police team checked up on Jinda’s story and found the overturned bike three kilometres away. The Honda Wave, too, had no sign of any damage.

The victim’s wife was contacted. Adaporn Phuraya, 53, identified the body as that of her husband.

She said that he was the head of security for a firm run by a policeman and would go out each evening to inspect various sites.

She gave evidence that he was neither intoxicated nor suffering from any illness. She said he was an experienced rider who would not have had an accident.

The body was sent for detailed autopsy while both the van and the motorbike are being examined again.

(Source:-Thai Rath)

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