Miraculous Escape As Charter Van Crashes Into Trailer Truck

Van after colliding with trailer truck.

A charter van ran into the back of a trailer truck on the Mitraparp Highway in Tambon Sam Muang of Nakhon Ratchasima’s Sida district early Sunday morning but all three passengers and the driver escaped with minor injuries.

Police initially suspected the accident at the dimly lit area stemmed from 47-year-old van driver  dozing off behind the wheel, said  a police case investigator. He added that police would interview both Somchai and the truck driver to determine the cause of accident later.

Following the accident report at 2.30am, police found the van with its severely dented front end stuck to the trailer truck’s rear bumper, while the wounded passengers were sent to Sida Hospital.

One of the injured passengers told police that she and two relatives hired the van to travel from Bangkok to visit their hometown in Maha Sarakham’s Kosum Pisai district. She called the incident a miraculous escape from death, as she was seated in the front seat, which was severely damaged.

She is absolutely right as you can see from the photograph. It clearly wasn’t her time for rebirth !

(Source:The Nation, Thailand)

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