Mother Of Boy Who Was Assaulted By Soldier Fears For Her Life

Mother fears for her life.  (Photo:-Daily News)

The mother of the five year old boy who had parts of his genitalia amputated after an air force soldier abused him, has said she is in fear of her life.

And she says that as many as four people were involved in maiming her son.

Six months ago her son was in the care of a couple in Pathum Thani after the mother went to work in another province. But while in the care of the couple the man of the house, an ex-air force officer, punished the boy by putting boiling water in a hot water bottle down his trousers.

He had also tied the boy’s hands behind his back, it was alleged. She reported to police six months ago but nothing has been done.

Yesterday she went with human rights lawyer Songkan Atchariyasap to meet with deputy chief of police Sriwara Rangsipramonkun.

The mother told the policeman that she felt in fear of her life because the case involved the military and relatives of the couple were policemen.

She said that the mother of the man who attacked her son had warned her not to give evidence in court against her son saying that he would get bail and implied that her life was in danger.

After this she had gone to lawyer Songkan for help and asked that he work with law enforcement in getting her police protection because of influential people involved in the case.

Songkan was instrumental in helping the many young victims of jailed imposter “Lady Kai” last year.

The mother, who was not named, said that her son is now much recovered and has since been able to better articulate what happened to him.

He has said that four people were involved in hurting him. The mother wants him to be able to give evidence at a later date.

Deputy Sriwara said that he had ordered top brass at the Pathum Thani police to get on with investigating the case and has further ordered police relatives of the accused to stay away from the mother.

(Source:Daily News)

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