Over-use of antibiotics a problem.

Moves are afoot to try and reduce the number of people who develop resistance to antibiotics through over-use. Health authorities hope to increase awareness and reduce the numbers by half in the next five years.

This is a problem which can affect all of us and it’s good to know that concerns are being raised.Excessive or unnecessary use of antibiotics can lead to drug resistance, which has led to many deaths.

Each year, more than 80,000 people in Thailand are found to have developed resistance to antibiotics, between 20,000 and 30,000 will die.

A spokesperson for the Drug System Monitoring and Development Centre said at the Antibiotics Awareness forum that the centre was working with medical practitioners in community hospitals and provincial public health offices in more than 30 provinces to raise awareness of rational antibiotics use among community residents.

It is hoped that people will come to realise that antibiotics cannot treat the usual sicknesses.
There are examples of antibiotic-free communities where no antibiotics are sold in grocery stores, as the result of cooperation between the centre and community leaders, volunteers and local schools.
The Public Health Ministry deputy permanent secretary said the national strategy to deal with the antibiotic-resistant bacteria situation in Thailand for 2017-2021 has been developed and put in place.

This came from the Prime Minister’s instruction for relevant authorities to reduce the number of fatal antibiotics-resistant cases.

Over-the counter medicines which contain antibiotics are generally accepted to be the main cause of the large number or drug-resistance cases.

Thais (and foreigners) are happy to take antibiotics whenever they are unwell, despite the fact that antbiotics should be used only to target specific illnesses.

This can lead to infection by drug-resistant bacteria or superbugs which can lead to death.

General practitioners are also guilty of over-prescribing antibiotics. They do not have any effect on non-bacterial infections such as viruses.

Problems such as colds and sore throats should be allowed to heal themselves. Children in particular are at risk and can develop serious infections from drug-resistant bacteria due to antibiotics over-use.

So next time you feel a little off-colour, think twice before taking antibiotics !

(Thanks to The Nation , Thailand)

By Juninho