Body discovered (Photo:-ThaiRath)

Locals in Pha Khao district of Loei in Thailand’s north-east discovered the corpse of a man half floating in a reservoir.

The unidentified man was dressed only in boxer shorts and had been in the water two to three days.

His feet and hands were tied and there was a nylon cord tied to his neck connected to a fertilizer sack filled with bricks to weigh the body down.

He had been shot three times in the chest.

Residents of the area around the Huay Deua reservoir said he was not from round there.

He is aged about 30-40. He had flower tattoos on his right leg, ancient symbols on his left, a yellow wristband and a dragon tattoo on his back.

Pha Khao police said that he was almost certainly murdered elsewhere and dumped in the reservoir.

They are looking at missing person reports in the wider Loei area.

They cannot say whether he was a Thai or foreigner due to the lack of ID, though it is highly likely that he is Thai.

(Source:-Thai Rath)


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