Murder In Tesco Lotus Handicapped Toilets-Police Arrest Grandson Of The Rich And Famous

Police interview Tesco Lotus murder suspect.

The man responsible for the murder of a millionaire boat operator in the toilets at Tesco Lotus in Chumpon is from a family of politicians and nationally known businessmen.
And in an incredible twist, police have revealed that this was the fourth murder to take place in four separate cases at Tesco Lotus in Wang Phai district.
Ranakorn “Off” Suphamongkhonlert, 25, quietly gave himself up yesterday following the murder of Tassanee Chaisri, 56, on Wednesday in a story that shocked the nation. He turned up with relatives, the proceeds of the crime, his clothes and a Honda motorcycle.
Interviewing the suspect who has admitted everything was Region 8 chief of police Pol Lt Gen Sorasak Yenprem who later went on a tour to inspect the Tesco Lotus store that was the scene of the grisly crime.
Ranakorn told police that he was from Chumpon but his family had moved to Ratchaburi years ago. He was back in the southern Thai town visiting relatives for Songkran and was staying about 2 kilometres away from the store.

He drove to Tesco Lotus on a Honda motorcycle on Wednesday.

At the store he saw the victim who was wearing a heavy gold chain of two baht weight (worth 40,000 baht) and followed her to the handicapped toilets where he went in after her, turned off the lights and locked the door.

He threatened her with a knife he had with him but she fought back and he stabbed her twice in the side. In the commotion, a cleaner had heard and was banging on the door and calling for help.

Ranakorn then took off the victims lower pants and flinging the door open used them to hide his face as he ran for the exits. He dropped the pants by the main door and ran off pursued by a member of the public.

By chance he saw a Yamaha motorcycle with the keys in the ignition and got on that to make good his escape.

He drove 500 metres to a PTT gas station where he abandoned the bike. Then he went back to the store on foot and got on his own Honda that was there and drove the two kilometres to his relatives’ house where he was staying.

He said he needed the money to pay off an online debt after gambling on baccarat. He also wanted to gamble some more.

Lt Gen Sorasak said that the way that the criminal followed the victim and how he fled marked him as an experienced career hoodlum who was out of the ordinary.

The previous offences of the suspect were many.

When he was 16 he murdered a fellow student but was jailed for just 2 years in Ratchaburi. There were many other cases of assault against him.

After interviewing Ranakorn, Sorasak went with his entourage to Tesco Lotus. There he told the store that they need to beef up security.

He revealed that there have been three other cases resulting in three murders at that store alone.

It was then reported that Ranakorn comes from a very rich family. He is the blood grandson of a mayor in the Chumpon area.

He is also the grandson of a nationally known businessman involved in the delivery business both within Thailand and abroad.

His relative is said to be on the board of state and private companies in the Chumpon area.

Ranakorn has been detained on various charges including premeditated murder.
Times comment:- Yet again the “justice system” has failed and another life has been unnecessarily taken. This thug should still be in prison for the previous murder. Two years is a ridiculous sentence, even by Thai standards. The rich and famous use their influence again and look at the consequences. Is it ever going to end?
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