Investigation into how traffic cops are rewarded.

The head of the police committee looking into changes in traffic regulations has revealed that he has been ordered to set up a committee to review how officers are rewarded for issuing traffic tickets.

The order comes from the top – National Chief General Chakthip Chaijinda who said he is following government orders.

Maj-Gen Ekkarak Limsangkat said that there is a lot of confusion among the public at the moment in the way policemen are financially rewarded for their efforts.

This needs to be clarified and possibly changed.

A committee will look into all these matters as well as the procedural responsibilities of the traffic police.

The ever increasing carnage on the Thai roads has prompted the Thai public to increasingly ask what is the role of the Thai traffic police.

The suggestion in the media was veiled but quite apparent – the police should do more to help lower the number of deaths on the road and less activity that simply lines their own pockets.

Times comment:- We have long advocated a more pro-active role by traffic police. Road blocks are NEVER going to reduce the number of accidents on Thai roads. How can they? More police patrolling the highways has to be the first step.

Stop those who hog the outside lane. Stop those who are constantly lane changing. Stop those who overtake in dangerous and unnecessary manners. Stop those who jump red lights. Stop those who drive at dangerously high speeds. Stop those who ignore road markings at traffic lights. Stop those who make u-turns even more dangerous by refusing to join a queue.

The list is endless. In England now, speeding is a thing of the past. Hardly anyone does it because the chances of being caught are extremely high.

Thai police should not be “rewarded” for collecting a fine, that is wrong. However, they should be paid a living wage so they would not feel the need to collect “extras”.

(Source:-Daily News)

By Juninho

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