thada1As of last Friday, an impressive new open air beer garden restaurant opened at the Thada Chateau Hotel.

Adjoining the well-appointed Chateau, the open air garden restaurant is also part of a new business and conference meeting center.

Full use of European themes is certainly being made.

The Chateau itself is a Swiss/Austrian mansion style building, the outdoor restaurant is of a Bavarian theme, and the new business and conference meeting room is named the Venetian hall (an Italian theme).

In the open air restaurant, called the “green garden”, long, natural wooden tables sit upon a freshly cut lawn area.

Adventurous as the idea of a Bavarian beer garden come restaurant is, they do manage to pull it off. The open air setting along with the tables and fully dressed beer maids are a pleasant novelty in Buriram.

A full selection of genuine specialty European bottled beers is what really makes it. A beer garden without great beer wouldn’t quite cut it. From light to dark, and from hoppy to fruity, there’s a wide enough choice to keep your pallet tantalized.

Some of The Beer Served in The Green Garden:


Paulener Original Muncher Hell – light and gold with a light hoppy finish

Paulener Original Muncher Dunkel – Dark with a rich malty flavour and a clean hoppy finish

Paulener Heffe Weissbier – fizzy, fresh, light and fruity.

Food wise the stand out dishes are pork based.

Pork knuckle German Style, a very large chunk of pork on the bone, arrives on a platter with a seasoned crispy coating and tender moist meat on the inside. 

Easily shared between two, this is the star dish of the restaurant for me. Glazed rack of barbecued ribs takes a well-deserved second place.

Being in Thailand, there are a fair few Thai dishes on the menu as well.

Pork Knuckle Example


As for accommodation, the hotel possesses a beautiful, lush, gardened courtyard surrounded by their selection of rooms. You can decide to take a pool view or opt to look out over the countryside to the back of the hotel.

Dust off the lederhosen and get your yodeling voice on. Come on down for an open air German beer and pork leg in a novel and pleasant setting.

Long Wooden Tables – Great For Big Parties of Friends


Venetian Hall Exterior at Night


Venetian Hall Interior – Day Time


Garden Courtyard of the Thada Chateau Hotel


How To Get There

On Highway 219. Go through the big elephant roundabout heading towards i-mobile staduium. Thada Chateau Hotel is on your left about 2km from the roundabout. 

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* Some photos courtesy of Thada Chataeu website and Facebook page