drivingA new fun for all the family Go Kart Track is coming to the city of Buriram. Situated between the new Ducatti garage and i-mobile Stadium, but on the opposite side of the road, it is due to open on the 12th of December.

The track is being built by a member of the Newin family. Mr Newin’s lesser known brother.

As it’s being built as a mini replica of the Chang International Circuit Mr Newin’s bother jokingly stated, “my bother has built the big track and now I’m building a smaller one”.

The track itself is will be undergoing testing as of the 30th of November. Although the go kart circuit is very impressive, we don’t think there will be a grade 1 FIM certificate awarded on this occasion.

Pretty Impresive Track


None the less, for us mere mortals it looks to be offering a great fun day out. You can get to try out the same layout as the Chang International Circuit at a fraction of the cost.

The Karts can go up to a speed of 60km/ph which should provide for a surely thrilling ride. Packing 250cc under their bonnets, the acceleration ability of the little beats should also be something to behold.


The complex is also to have a beer garden and spectator area. From there you can watch the racing action, have a beer and chow down on some nicley barbecued grub.

With fully flood lit facilities, the track can also be used at night time.

Night Time Go Karting Action


Promotional prices start at just 50 baht for a four minutes of Go Kart racing. Meaning a full twenty minutes would be only 250 baht.

Initial reports said that the opening was on the 5th of December, but speaking directly to Mr Newin’s bother today we were assured that the opening will now be on the 12th of December.

The Buriram Times Team will be sure to be at the opening day for a bit of test driving action followed by some beer and barbecue time.


Promotional Video