New Traffic Law: Just Taking A Picture Of Your Licence And Showing On Your Phone Is Not Enough


Picture: Thai Rath


The policeman responsible for the new law about driving licences that will start in Thailand on September 20th has given details about three ways drivers can show their licenses when requested by an officer.


One of them is NOT a simple picture of a licence on the driver’s phone.


The new law announced on August 20th is that police can no longer keep a motorist’s license as of next month.


Pol Maj-Gen Ekkalak Limsangkat told Thai Rath there are three ways to show your licence


1. Your regular license just like before.

2. An electronic version or digital license via the application of the Department of Land Transport QR Licence.

3. A certified copy in accordance with DLT forms


Thus a picture on a phone is not good enough.


Maj-Gen Ekkalak said the new measures are all about convenience for the public and everything will now be online.


He also explained the points system for violations of traffic rules.


Everyone will get 12 points and when these are used up there will be a 90 day suspension.


The offender will then have to pay to undergo training for the 12 points to be reinstated.


If over a three year period the points are used up more than two times there will be a one year ban.


A fourth using of all of the 12 points will see the licence taken away. Thai Rath did not explain how long that would be in their story.


(Source: – Thai Rath)

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