New Traffic Laws Explained: DUI Could Be 2 Points Or As Much As 4


Image: TNA


Thailand is still coming to terms with the new traffic regulations that are coming in on September 20th, reported TNA MCOT.


They reiterated that from that date police cannot take your licence.


But you must have it with you or a digital one under the Department of Land Transport QR Licence app, available on Android and iOS.


They reminded the motoring public that pictures of your licence on a phone are not acceptable.


Each motorist will get 12 points under the new system – from 1 to 4 points can be taken off for various infractions of the law.


No helmet on a motorcycle, not wearing a seat belt and not paying a fine on time is worth one point.


There are two points for going through red lights, driving the wrong way and driving under the influence of alcohol (non-severe cases).


In cases where drivers are very drunk or injuries are caused three or even four points can be taken away.


Losing all 12 points means a 90 day suspension. Repeat offenders who lose their next 12 points will be banned for a year.


Do this more than three times and the licence will be taken away, perhaps for good.


Though the law starts on September 20th there will be campaigns starting on October 1st.


The full enforcement is expected to be made towards the end of the year.


Regarding fines TNA reported that the authorities hope that now that the DLT and police are fully connected something can be done about the 80% of the Thai public who ignore fines.


There are thought to be about 13 million unpaid fines on the books and by linking the police reports to the DLT when tax renewal time comes it is hoped that more fines will be paid.


(Source:  – TNA)

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