To quite a fanciful fanfare, a new walking street market has just opened right in the centre of Buriram.

Orchestra’s, bands and an army of police on stand by, saw the new market have it’s opening weekend.

Suan Rom, or “happy park” will be host to the event every weekend from now on.

Multiple cones and barricades diverted hundreds of cars, trucks and bikes away from the market and all around the middle of town.

People turned out in their thousands to check out what was on offer.

Situated between the aerobics dome and the town centre moat, the walking street contains the usual food stalls like barbecued chicken, pad Thai, fried rice and some others.

However, beautiful and skillfully made local crafts are what makes this market stick out from the rest.

Hand made silk, bags, jewelry, paintings, and even pottery are not only sold but demonstrated right in front of your eyes.

Thai silk can be seen being painted by hand, pottery being turned on a wheel, painters are painting and other people are making jewelry.  This is actually a little different from the norm.

Before going I thought this might be another same same market with nothing special to offer. Happily surprised by the home craft stalls and demonstrations, my original anticipation was proven to be quite wrong.

Why not try a quick visit at the weekend (it’s open on Saturday’s and Sundays’) to see the local craftspeople at work. You can grab a bite to eat and even listen to a band at the same time.

Painting onto Thai Silk


Home Made Jewelry


Hand Made bags


Chicken Barbecue




How To Get There

The Walking Street Market is just before the night plazza food market between the aerobics dome and the water moat. The area is known as Suan Rom, translated as “Happy Park”   – Opening hours are from mid to late afternoon (2-4) until 11.00pm on Saturday and Sunday.