New Year Road Carnage: Nearly 400 Dead – North Of Thailand Worst For Accidents/Fatalities

REUTERS FILE PHOTO for reference only
An infographic on the road death and injury toll during December 29th to January 4th published by Naew Na gave the following information:
Accidents : 3,333
Injuries: 3,326
Deaths: 392
Leading causes:
Speeding 33.6%
DUI: 33.06%
Close quarter maneuvers: 16.23%
Vehicles involved in most accidents:
Motorcycles: 82.54%
Pick-ups: 6.19%
Cars: 3.05%
Where accidents occurred most:
Straight roads: 65.77%
Bends: 17.31%
Intersections: 14.76%
Times when most accidents occurred:
4 to 8pm: 27.45%
Noon to 4pm: 19.53%
Midnight to 4am: 15.21%
Worst province for accidents: Chiang Mai with 115.
Worst province for injuries: Chiang Mai with 117.
Worst province for fatalities: Chiang Rai with 18.
(Source: – Naew Na)

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