The much loved ex-pat, Nico has been around Buriram for 30 years. He is one of the few that can remember the infrastructure of the town in those days, including the old dirt tracks that lead to the surrounding villages.

Our friend Nico always has a good tale to tell about the old days when a farang in Isaan was a star attraction. He still remembers those days as being some of the best of his time here as he was discovering the real Thailand.



This wonderful character began life as an academic. He started his career as a university lecturer and then proceeded to take a degree in law which took him to Hong Kong for six years. Nico then returned to study further and gained a PhD in English Literature. Sometime after, he decided to go walkabout and ended up in Thailand.


He enjoyed his party last night at the Bamboo Bar with many of his friends.

Happy birthday Nico, from the “Buriram Times”.