Nine Thousand Dead On The Thai Roads This Year And Counting

Daily News reported that 57 people died at the scene of road accidents on Tuesday bringing the total for the year to 9,160.


They caution that this is only those who perish at the scene of accidents. In reality the total death toll is considerably higher.


DPM Prawit Wongsuwan and a top policeman looking into ways to improve conditions on the roads have both admitted in recent days that the death toll in Thailand is in excess of 20,000 per year, notes Thaivisa.


Thai and international organisations have stated that it is likely to be about 25,000 fatalities per year.




Daily News are running a daily campaign to increase awareness and they highlighted speeding and tailgating in their headline today.


They reported on an accident in which a couple in Samut Sakhon were lucky to escape serious injury when a pick-up slammed into their coconut shop after swerving to avoid a parked truck. The driver also survived with minor injuries.




(Source: – Daily News)

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