A committee of the National Legislative Assembly has met with Japanese experts to seek consultation about how to improve the education system.

The chairman of the NLA’s committee on education and sports, Mr. Tuang Untachai, on Tuesday led some of his committee members to a meeting with Dr. lsao Taniguchi, President of KOSEN National Institute of Technology, to discuss Japan’s KOSEN education system and the training of engineers and innovation researchers.

The meeting’s main topic, “What is KOSEN? and What KOSEN can do for Thailand?,” is intended to enable Thailand to introduce more quality personnel to the industrial sector through the improvement of vocational education that will be in line with the Thailand 4.0 policy that aims to raise the country’s per capita income to the same level of that in developed nations.

According to Mr. Kosol Petchsuwan — an NLA member, Japan’s KOSEN system can contribute to this cause as it focuses on recruiting students, who have achieved the junior high school level, possess strong skills in mathematics and wish to work in the industrial sector, for a five-year course to prepare them to be practical engineers and innovation researchers, who have been instrumental in pushing Japan to become the world’s leading industrial nation.

Whilst it is a step forward for the Thais to consult anyone regarding education, they are still ignoring the areas which need drastic changes. The way in which English in particular is taught should be given a drastic overhaul so pupils can develop more quickly.

But first the authorities have to admit to themselves that the present system is not working.

(Source:-National News Bureau of Thailand)


By Juninho