all-thai-taxiComing as a relief to many, a new Taxi Service run by famous and highly reputable bus company NCA is to hit the streets of Bangkok tomorrow (Monday 27th of April).

“All Thai Taxi Co” promises to never refuse any customers a ride in their cabs. 

40 Toyota Hybrid Puris’s are to pilot the scheme which can be hailed via a smart phone app.

The meter on the taxi’s is due to start at 35 baht and a 20 Baht service charge for calling the Taxi via their application is also applicable. 

The app will be available as of Monday for people who wish to try out the new service. 

By May the 15th 100 taxi’s are planned to be on the road. At this point customers will be able to either hail the taxi on the street, request the service via their app or call on a 24 hour hotline on 1624.

Using a slightly revolutionary format is the apparent difference with this new service. All drivers have been trained by NCA and receive a fixed salary from the company.

This way the drivers are not worried about the fair and will not be refusing any passengers for short distances or to certain destinations. 

It is also possible to request a female driver. Making a first in Thailand, the company will also accept credit card payments. 

Big plans are afoot, as the company has stated that it will increase its fleet of taxis to 500 by August.

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