Now Suvarabhumi Airport Has Huge Queues At Immigration

More queues at Immigration.

Following last weekend’s five hour immigration queue debacle Bangkok’s main airport is giving Don Muang a run for its money.

Facebook users posted about the bad situation at Suvarabhumi and a Thai visa reporter on the scene can confirm that matters were some of  the worst in living  memory.

PChang went on Facebook to say that both airports were suffering shortages of immigration staff. Unmanned counters meant queues going back “tens of metres” .

Tourists were shaking their heads and grumbling about the situation.

A Thaivisa reporter leaving the country early this morning reported huge queues after midnight. Only about half of the desks were manned as the queues snaked around the area causing bottlenecks at the downward escalators.

Hoever, it seemed that those who were present had been told to speed up their act.

Our reporter said: “I timed the immigration officers and the great majority of people were being dealt with in 20 to 40 seconds each which seemed an improvement.

“But when someone came along who took a few minutes or needed an extra inquiry before getting stamped out the queue grew and grew as a result as there were so few officers present.

On one side of the escalators only two officers were at work – and they were snowed under.

Having lived in Thailand for 35 years I can say this was the longest I have ever waited to be stamped out of the kingdom.

It was interesting to note that the frustrated officer who dealt with me barked “rew rew, hurry up” to the next foreign tourist in line.”

Earlier visitor Jerome Taylor posted on Twitter to say there were “insanely long queues” in the afternoon commenting that this was not what tourists wanted after long and tiring flights to Thailand.



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