Nursery teacher physically abuses small child.

Yesterday, we ran a story about physical abuse suffered by a small child at the hands of a nursery teacher.

The teacher concerned who works in a school in Lat Krabang district has apologised to the parents after a video clip which showed she was unreasonably mistreating a child, about 3-4 years old, in her care was posted on Facebook.

The 6.37-minute clip was posted on Nov 29 on a Facebook page of “Maen Pho Dam” by a user, who said the incident took place at a nursery school of Jittra community in Lat Krabang district.

In the clip, the teacher was doing harm to a child, about 3-4 years old, by beating, pulling the child’s head and limbs and confining her to a place – in an apparent overacting manner.

The poster said the district office had been informed of the incident but no action had been taken, while the parents stopped sending their child to the nursery.

After the clip went viral, a woman appeared in a television programme of Workpoint Channel that it was she who was in the clip. She denied having an intention of hurting the child. She said she only wanted to teach him not to be unruly and rude.

She offered an apology to the parents of the child.

I have watched the video and found it very distressing. These people are privileged to work with children of this age. It is very rewarding and the teacher’s main role is to gain the love and trust of the children.

This wasn’t a reaction to misbehaviour. This was a sustained attack on a defenceless child. An apology ? At the very LEAST this woman should be banned from working with children ever again.

The authorities have to get a grip and get rid of these teachers who are abusing children of all ages. Yes, children have to learn discipline but making a three year-old child scared to death of you is not an option.



By Juninho