New species of viper found in the north.

A species of poisonous snake never before found in Thailand has been discovered living in the nation’s northern Nan province.

The Brown Spotted Pit Viper or for those who want to be really scientific the “protobothrops mucrosquamatus” is usually found in China and Taiwan.

The snake was discovered in the wild in Nan when a local went into the forest to forage for food when he was bitten by the snake, the local man killed the snake and took it to Nan Hospital so they could determine what type of snake it was in case anti-venom needed to be administered.

It was reported that even though the snake was venomous the man bitten was not suffering from any complications other than skin abrasion.

Hospital staff believed even though the snakes bite managed to puncture the skin it did not secrete any venom.

Hospital staff sent the dead snake to the Poison Centre at Bankok’s Ramathibodi Hospital for further study as they were unsure of the species of snake.

Staff members at the poison centre identified the snake as a Brown Spotted Pit Viper and have urged members of the public in the area where the snake was found to exercise extra caution as they are very venomous.

Source  : (Coconuts)

By Juninho