Smoking a problem in Thailand. (Photo:-ThaiPBS)

At least one million Thais are sick and suffering from various chronic diseases associated with cigarette smoking such as cancer, emphysema, stroke, according to ASH Thailand or anti-cigarette smoking foundation.

ASH Thailand secretary-general Dr Prakit Wateesatokkit said Friday that report from the World Health Organization for every Thai nation who died of diseases associated with cigarette smoking, there were 20 others who are sick and are suffering from various chronic diseases ranging from cancer to emphysema and stroke.

Based on the fact that there are about 50,000 deaths from cigarette-related diseases, he said at least one million Thais are sick from cigarette-related chronic diseases which are difficult to cure and the treatment costs are expensive.

Besides the sufferings of the patients, he pointed out that they had been a burden to their families, to the hospitals and to the government which has to set aside substantial budget each year to support medical expenses for the patients who are mostly poor and have to rely on the 30-baht universal health care system.


By Juninho