Two weary darts teams !

The Buriram darts team, now based at Paddy’s Irish Bar, resumed “hostilities” with old rivals Ryan’s Resort yesterday. With Ryan’s leading the series 4-2, the team were confident that they could reduce the deficit when they set out on a mini-bus to Prasat.

After a smooth journey, the team arrived at Ryan’s Resort around noon . The first thing that was noticed was the alterations Ryan’s owner Gary had made to the bar area.

It has been opened out to create a spacious, well-lit bar and Gary hopes to complete the work in time for taking Christmas bookings. Everyone agreed that the changes were a big improvement.

There were quite a few new faces in Paddy’s team as the match got under way. There were 11 players in each side, so there were to be 11 singles matches, 5 doubles matches and a match between Ryan’s captain Colin Bradwell and Paddy’s Peter Dempsey.

Although it was November 5, it is safe to say there were few fireworks on the oche. All the singles matches were close, as both teams found hitting appropiate doubles difficult, and in some cases, nigh-on impossible !!

When the weary competitors finally finished their matches, the score stood at Ryan’s 7, Paddy’s 4.

No problems finishing the food !!


There then followed a break for lunch and once again Gary and wife Noy put on an excellent spread for the princely sum of 100 bht each !! Many thanks to both of them, their efforts are greatly appreciated.

Great spread at Ryan’s Resort.

The match resumed with the doubles and though the general play improved, those doubles once again proved to be elusive ! However Ryan’s took the doubles games 3-2 and although captain Peter Dempsey won the captain’s challenge, the final score was 10-7 to Ryan’s Resort.

As ever ,the games were played in the right spirit with both teams seeing the funny side to some less than inspiring darts. It was probably summed up by one of the Ryan’s team throwing underhand !

Peter Dempsey thanked Gary and his staff (and the Ryan’s team) for their wonderful hospitality and the team then departed to lick their wounds (should read have a few more beers !) back at the Irish Bar.

Happy, even in defeat !


A great day out and we look forward to welcoming the Ryan’s boys to Paddy’s sometime in the new year.




By Juninho

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