Pattaya Police Bust Bizarre Russian-Run Sexual Training Course

Russian held course on seduction in a Pattaya hotel.

Thai police have arrested 10 Russians who allegedly organized sexual training courses for their compatriots in the seaside resort city of Pattaya.

Police said 33 Russian tourists  attended the class at Ibis Hotel. But only 10 “instructors” were arrested late Sunday on immigration charges, including working without a permit.

“The hotel management said they had no details on the event but they booked it for a seminar and training,” Pattaya tourist police official Piyapong Ensarn told AFP.

“Some participants told police that they had to pay THB20,000 (US$640), but some said they attended for free.”

One of the suspects was identified as Alexander Kirilov, 38, whom police described as an organizer.

According to his website, Kirilov also goes by the name “Alex Lesley” and has written eight books on seduction including one called Life without Panties. The book has one review on Amazon that said, “Best book I’ve ever read.”

Many posts on his Instagram show him with sexy ladies in bikinis and lingerie — doing whatever he asks them to.

One recent post suggests that he will also hold a three-day intensive training in Moscow next week on the art of seduction: “After which you will understand what life should be like. During these priceless days, you will know how to get acquainted with every girl you like, win her over and quickly transfer the communication to the last level.”

Some participants in Pattaya reportedly wore white T-shirts with the words “sex animator” screen printed on them. Police also found certificates intended for those who took part in the course.

Pattaya, located just two hours from Bangkok, emerged as a raucous party destination during the Vietnam War when it attracted American GIs on leave.

Its sex tourist industry thrives despite prostitution being illegal in Thailand and occasional crackdowns on the trade.

But Thailand remains sensitive to its seedy reputation and has hit out at the Gambian government after recent comments about the Kingdom.

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