Pattaya Police Get Tough On Licenses:-Fines For Tourists And Rental Companies AND Confiscation Of Vehicle

Pattaya police crackdown on not having  licenses.

Pattaya police have said that from now on if tourists are driving rental vehicles without licences they will be fined up to 1000 baht.

But in a decisive new move the vehicle will also be confiscated.

The rental company must then go and pick it up and pay a fine of up to 2,000 baht.

Pol Maj Arut Saphanon said there were no ifs and buts in the future – it starts now.

In a video he said that the reason for the change is that many tourists don’t know the highway code and have not had any training leading to accidents.

In addition there is a lot of crime committed in Pattaya by foreigners who invariably use rented vehicles in the commission of that crime. They flee the scene of crime in rented vehicles.

Tourists must now have an international licence, their passport and home country driving licence when renting a vehicle in Pattaya. They must carry their documents with them to show to the police if stopped.

No licence and the vehicle will be taken away on the spot.

People on temporary stay in the kingdom can take their home country licence and a certified copy of that from their embassy or consulate in Thailand to the Department of Land Transport to get a Thai licence, said the report.

This seemed to represent no change to existing regulations.

Times comment:- Anything that reduces the number of people driving here when not qualified to do so can only be good. Personally, I have never driven a motorcycle of any description in my life and would never dream of attempting it here.

(Source:-ThaiVisa News)

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