‘Phoenix’ Substandard – More Officials Face Legal Action

The Phoenix after the salvage operation


The Thai Immigration Bureau Chief, Lt Gen Surachate Hakparn, yesterday has confirmed that many aspects of the ‘Phoenix’ design and operation were substandard.

And more officials are now facing legal action as the investigation uncovers the multiple failures of the design, operations on the day and behaviour of the Captain and crew during the sinking incident.

Lt Gen Surachate says, “An examination of the Phoenix by experts has shown that the boat is substandard.”

“This boat has one watertight door. It should have four watertight doors. Glass should be a marine glass grade. In this boat, passengers couldn’t break the glass to escape. Also, a converted truck engine had been used instead of a proper marine-grade engine.”

“Cement blocks were used to help balance the boat and keep it upright. Experts analysis has matched the actual vessel with the original plans and design of the boat.”

“More officials or engineers who were involved in the plans, and who approved the boat’s registration, will face legal action. The former Phuket Marine Office Chief has already been arrested and facing legal action for ignoring his duties.”

Source: The Thaiger


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