Plastic Bag Ban: Forgetful Thais Taking Supermarket Baskets Home! Social Media Meltdown!


A Twitter user went online to claim that Thais who had forgotten to bring a bag with them for their shopping after the plastic bag ban was introduced  were taking plastic supermarket baskets home with them.


So much so that a leading chain had started putting electronic security tags on their baskets to guard against theft.


They tweeted a picture of a green basket with the Tesco Lotus name on the side and a tag attached.


The story created a social media meltdown.


The post from “Kittinunn” was retweeted 24,000 times.


Some people commented that Thais were not just taking baskets. Some claimed they were making off with trolleys too, reported Daily News.


The media didn’t publish confirmation of the story from the supermarket concerned, notes Thaivisa.


The plastic bag ban came in on January 1st and there are stories daily about it in the Thai media.


(Source: – Daily News)

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