Electric power meter in Thailand.


Embattled Thai prime minister Prayuth Chan-ocha – facing the most serious challenge to his leadership after seizing power 8 years ago – took out his anger on the Thai press yesterday.


And he even ranted about Buddhist suffering despite being a multi-millionaire.


Prayuth told the media they were deceiving the public over the true extent of the rise in electric prices – now up to 5 baht a unit.


He said that it was wrong to tell people they were going up four and five baht a time – “It’s only a few satang each time.


“Don’t you lot understand?”, he said dismissively to the press, as reported by Sanook yesterday.


Prayuth seemed to have forgotten that many people were struggling in hard economic times, notes ASEAN NOW. In his mandatory asset disclosure to the National Anti-Corruption Commission last year Prayuth listed 128.6 million baht in assets.


Electric bills are not his worry.


But the former general was not finished with his broadside against the press saying that higher bills were inevitable.


He then went off on the mother of all tangents, suggests ASEAN NOW.


“The reason that prices need to be raised is connected to the four noble truths of Buddhism,” he ranted incoherently.


“Okay the price has gone up, it has to go up. Look at the cause – look at Buddhist teaching.


“Educate yourselves – ask yourselves why?”


(Source : – Asean Now)