“Drunk” cop on the right. (Photo:Thairath)

A video of a suspected drunk cop on a motorbike has had over 200,000 views on the Internet.

He is caught on a dash cam driving on the Ram Inthra expressway leading to the Chonburi motorway.

He swerves from left to right and back again much to the amusement of the man in the car behind who admits it would be too dangerous to try and overtake him.

He called out the license plate number on the video though the report by Thai Rath did not say if any action had yet been taken against the officer.

The footage was on the Facebook page of “Steve Art Duangchathom”, real name Jirawat who said that he recorded the footage on Sunday at about 9pm while on his way home.

He eventually overtook when the cop stopped to make a phone call by the side of the road.

The video caused a huge amount of adverse comments and it has done nothing to improve the image of the police which has taken a bit of a battering recently.


By Juninho