Prawit Orders Review Of Speeds On Intercity And Rural Roads


Prawit orders review of speeds on intercity and rural roads

Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister General Prawit Wongsuwan has instructed police and related agencies to review and set appropriate speed limits for various vehicle types on intercity motorways and rural roads in order to boost road safety and reduce accidents.

Prawit, who is in charge of police affairs, ordered a study and review of vehicle speed limits to bring them in line with changes in vehicles and road conditions, but to continue prioritising overall road safety.

He also told the Royal Thai Police to coordinate with Interior and Transport ministries to review and update ministerial regulations issued under the Land Transport Act BE 2522 (1979) and the Highway Act BE 2535 (1992), Ministry of Defence Spokesman, Lt-General Kongcheep Tantrawanich, said on Wednesday.

Prawit told the bodies to consider using CCTV and electronic traffic sign technologies to help control vehicle speeds. The technology could allow for permitting changes in speed limits at different times of the day and under various traffic conditions in order to reduce crashes, facilitate people’s travel and promote the transparency of traffic police.

According to the third, sixth and 10th ministerial regulations issued as per the two acts, the legal speeds are as follows.

In Bangkok, Pattaya and municipal areas, the speed limit for cars and motorcycles is up to 80km/h and the speed for trucks weighing over 1,200kg (including vehicle weight and loaded cargo) and passenger transport vehicles is up to 60km/h, while the limit for trailer and towing trucks, tricycle and pick-up trucks weighing over 1,200kg is up to 45km/h.

On intercity motorways and ring roads, cars may be driven at up to 120km/h, while trucks weighing under 1,200kg and passenger transport vehicles can go up to 100km/h, and large trucks and car-towing trucks can go up to 80km/h while other vehicles can go up to 120km/h.

On rural roads, cars and motorcycles can go up to 90km/h, car-towing trucks and tricycles can go up to 60km/h while trucks weighing over 1,200kg and passenger transport vehicles can go up to 80km/h.

Source: The Nation

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