Caddies stick to golf !

The Department of Employment and the Department of Skill Development went to four Bangkok golf courses to investigate claims that foreign women were taking Thai jobs as caddies.

They found none – but what they did locate was a section of the caddie workforce known as “Pretty Caddies”.

These were all young, tall, charming, good conversationalists even university educated – definitely not a bit of “rough”.

They would know their pars from their bogeys and advise on club selection and grip.

“Eagle-eyed” golfers are prepared to pay 2,000-5000 baht for a round with these babes.

But it certainly ended at the 18th – they were not there for 19th hole action.

President of the Department of Skill Development said that such Thais brought skills to the golf course that foreigners couldn’t match.

He was happy that no foreigners were taking Thai jobs – but 200 other golf courses would need to be checked too after complaints came in to the government.

Golfers privately told the media that there were foreigners working at the courses and they were often very good and could speak Thai well.

They were from Vietnam, Cambodia, Burma and Laos.

But all the “Pretty Caddies” were definitely Thai.

(Source:-Daily News)

By Juninho