Prime Minister Instructs Ministry Of Education To Focus On Teaching Of English

Teaching English is very important, according to PM.

The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education (MOE) disclosed that the Prime Minister had instructed the MOE to review the country’s education curriculum in order to ensure that students respond well to it, while education of the English language must be also enhanced to reduce disparities.

MOE Permanent Secretary Chaiyapruek Serirak disclosed that Prime Minister Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha chaired a meeting of the strategic administration committee and the MOE presented its national strategic education management, constitutional education management and support for private schools.

The Prime Minister believes that the most important mechanism is the teacher, so teachers must constantly improve themselves and adjust their teaching methods by learning with the students along with pursuit of technology, he said.

The premier also asked the MOE to review the country’s curriculum in order to ensure that it can increase students’ knowledge, improve society and enhance the country’s potential, said the MOE Permanent Secretary.

The Prime Minister went on to say that English is important and it can reduce disparities, so it is necessary to improve English teaching.

The PM is right to focus on the teachers. Being able to speak English does not make you an English teacher. Teaching is an acquired skill. At the moment, the emphasis  is on speaking only English in lessons which is fine for basic conversation.

However, when you start teaching grammar and explaining the many exceptions to rules, the students need to have the facility of having things explained in their own language. If the teacher is unable to do this, then a Thai speaking assistant should be provided.

Yes, it will involve more cost initially but in the end it will save money as the progress of the students should speed up enormously. Perhaps it’s time the MOE began to consult qualified teachers of English.

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(Source:- National News Bureau Of Thailand)

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