PTT BRIC Superbike Report – Day 1 At Chang International Circuit

PTT BRIC Superbike Championship 2018
(Round 1) 15 -17 June 2018
A full day of scrutineering, practice, qualifying for all classes with races for the Yamaha R3 Thailand Challenge Cup and the Yamaha R15 Thailand Challenge Cup.
Qualifying today included the Honda Thailand Challenge Cup with young riders from across Asia competing.  These bikes are stock 250cc bikes, the same as the road version, no modifications are allowed which makes it a race that the rider with the best skill and experience on the day will dominate, as all the bikes are identical.  Race 1 for this series will take place on Saturday at 3:15pm with race two on Sunday at 10:35am.

A busy garage after qualifying for the Honda Thailand Challenge Cup, riders checking the timing screens to see their qualifying position.

Also qualifying and race 1 took place for the Yamaha R3 Thailand Challenge.  The race uses 321cc Yamaha motor bikes, the same as the R3 road bikes, and is run in two classes, riders under the age of 20 years old and riders under the age of 16 years old.  Both classes run together, 23 riders in all, in the same race but there are two separate class wins.
 In the U20 class rider #5, Jirigat Teeranupong claimed pole position in a time of 1:56.672 followed very closely by #86, Suttipat Patchareetron only 0.155 seconds behind, third place was #101 Kiadtisak Chauywiset.  In the U16 class the qualifying positions were, P1 – #56 Sawapol Nilpong, P2 – #200 Suttipoj Patchareetron and P3 – #19 Wuthilpong Kanlayanaphan.  It seems that there actually three classes with rider #85, Torsak Nuansal being entered in both the U16 and U20 class in the same race.
The overall race win was taken by rider #28, Jack Hyde, who interestingly was classified as excluded in qualifying for not attending the riders briefing along with two other riders, but all three were reinstated for the race. The early laps saw a group of 11 riders pull away for a race of their own with the lead changing hand several times before Jack Hyde emerged as the fastest rider to lead from lap 5 from where he eased out a comfortable gap to take the win.  The final results of race 1 look like this:
U20 Class P1 – #28 Jack Hyde, P2 – #101 Kiadtisak Chauywiset and P3 – #5 Jirigat Teeranupong
U16 Class P1 – 56 Sawapol Nilpong, P2 – #85 Torsak Nuansal and P3 – #200 Suttipoj Patchareetron

The leading pack of 11 riders with Jack Hyde on the left at this stage in second place.

Finally qualifying this morning was the Yamaha R15 Thailand Challenge with race 1 in the afternoon.  Similar to the Honda Thailand Challenge Cup the bikes are stock machines at 150cc.  This is the second meeting of the season for this series for Thai racers under the age of 16 years old.
Qualifying in first place was rider #2 Suttipoj Patchareeton, in second place was rider #10 Sawapol Nilpong and in third qualifying position was rider #4 Wutthipong Kanlayanaphan.  In total 15 riders will challenge for a  win in two races, race 1 was closely fought by three riders, #2 Suttipoj Patchareeton, #10 Sawapol Nilpongthat and #15 Torsak Nuasai who soon stretched out a lead from the others with the lead changing hands a couple of times in the early stages.  Rider #2 Suttipoj Patchareeton worked hard to keep the other two behind him and eventually took the win.  Race two will take place at 5pm on Saturday.

he first three riders in the R15 class battling for the lead.

The program for Saturday sees mainly practice and qualifying for the bigger bikes including the super bikes with the action getting underway at 8am.  In the afternoon, racing will take place for the Honda Thailand Challenge Cup, and race two for the R15 and R3 series Yamaha’s.  Todays activities have been very exciting and more excitement is expected for Saturday, make sure you come along to enjoy the thrills of big bike racing.

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