Kidnap attempt foiled.

A village elder in Ratchaburi has issued an urgent warning after a 12 year old schoolgirl nearly became the victim of a man in a minivan.

The man stopped to pick up 12 year old Ploy outside a chicken restaurant on the road leading to Ban Pong in Tha Pha sub-district.

But Ploy, on her way to school, recognized that it was not her regular driver and there were no other students on the bus.

The man – dressed in red shirt and jeans and aged about 35-40 – said that the usual driver had asked him to come and pick her up.

But the plucky young girl got out her phone and called the regular driver who said it was nonsense.

Seeing the situation the owner of the chicken restaurant came out and the man quickly got back in his vehicle and fled towards Ban Pong.

The restaurant owner had noted the plates of the vehicle but later when Ploy’s mother Khemika Kamnertjaeng, 35, reported the matter to police they were found to be fake.

Surat Atharn, the Phoo Yai Ban of the area has issued a warning to parents to take their children to get on transport to school after the incident that happened on May 15th.

He further asked all parents to warn children about the perils of getting in strangers’ vehicles.

There have been several attempts by people in minivans to abduct children in recent months.


Source: Thai Rath

By Juninho