Rainy Season To Begin May 20th

The Meteorological Department has announced Thailand will enter the rainy season this year from 20 May, with lesser rain expected.


The Meteorological Department Deputy Director General Kornrawee Sitthichivapak has revealed Thailand will officially be entering the rainy season on Monday 20th May this year, as all weather criteria will be met for the season with frequent rainfalls from the prevailing of seasonal monsoon winds over Thailand. The rainy season this year is expected to end in the upper regions of Thailand in mid-October, and in January next year in the southern region.


The overall precipitation this rainy season is expected to be lesser than the previous year, especially from mid-May to June, and from late-June to July where the distribution of rainy areas will not be even, which may cause water shortages outside irrigation areas. The general public are advised to use water conservatively and efficiently.


Heavy and frequent rains are expected in August and September, with changes of tropical cyclones moving over the upper regions of Thailand in the northeastern and northern region. The TMD expects only one tropical cyclone to move through or close to Thailand this year.


(Source:  NNB of Thailand)

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