What You Read In Times Group Online Newspapers

We at the Times Group are very anxious to provide interesting material for our readers and the readership is growing in all three newspapers. However, there is always room for improvement. In an ideal world, each of the three newspapers would cover only what is happening in their area.

There is simply not enough material to maintain our readers’ interest and as we find here in Buriram in particular, getting information on what is going on in English is far from easy. Therefore, we try to select stories from the national papers that we feel our readers would be interested in.

The depressing part of this job is the fact that we receive most hits on “bad news” stories. Deaths and sex-related articles generate the most interest. Sport and anything to do with Thai Immigration is also popular.

We try to cover as many things as possible and also try to cater for the more serious-minded readers as well. As a former teacher, education is dear to my heart and there is much that needs improving in Thailand.

Most of us male farang are with a Thai lady and either have children of our own or have “inherited” families. Personally, I feel that stories that involve young people in Thailand in any way are relevant to nearly all of us and I will continue to print them, despite the rather low number of hits.

Occasionally, I have to go away and it is not always possible to get stories online. We try to keep this to a minimum and we apologize for any disappointment caused to our regular readers.

Please feel free to contact us with your views on subject matter and if you have details of events of interest in your area, we would love to hear from you. Thank you for your continued support and to “lovers” young and “old”, Happy Valentine’s Day !


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