Reporter Arrested After Former Police Chief’s Wife Complains Of Trespass

Reporter accused of trespass.

A reporter sent to investigate the financial dealings of a real estate business connected to the former head of police has been arrested after complaints were made by the ex top cop’s wife.

The reporter and his director who sent him to investigate said he was just asking questions and doing his job. He was not in a place where the public could not go.

Pahonyothin police acted after receiving the complaint of trespass from Somthawin Wongsuwan whose name fronts a real estate company in Soi 32 of Ratchada Phisek that is in their jurisdiction.

The reporter is Natthaporn Wirawan, 28, who had been send by the Issara Institute to investigate the dealings of former chief Patcharawat Wongsuwan.

He was grilled for two hours but said he was doing his duty. He had gone into the “Go-Go Apartment” building as the front door was open. There he began posing his investigative questions.

His boss said he had done nothing wrong and was legitimately doing his job in a public place.

But the wife of the cop complained and the police talked to him yesterday.

Investigations continue.

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