Road Deaths Continue As 396 People Lose Their Lives In February Alone

Road deaths unabated this month. (Photo:-Inn)

396 people have died at the scene of accidents since the start of February.

Quoting the head of the Anti Drink Driving Foundation Dr Thaejing Siripanich they said that 33 people died on Saturday.

This brought the total since January 1st to 1,243 dead.

The figure is expected to rise significantly when those who succumb to injuries in hospitals are added to the figures and districts that report late, announce their figures.

Experience shows that the figure could be up to double what is reported as “death at the scene.”

Authorities continue to scratch their heads and wonder why, despite all their efforts, the figures do not look like falling. There is a clue earlier in the report as to why this is.

“The Anti-Drink Driving Foundation”. Every time figures are released, this organisation is involved. Of course drink-driving contributes to some deaths and nobody can condone it.

But Thailand is obsessed with the notion that alcohol is the root of all evil and causes nearly all the road fatalities. Let’s examine a few facts.

The figures show that most accidents occur between 4pm and 8pm. Assuming most Thais finish work between 5pm and 6pm then there’s some pretty rapid consumption of alcohol going on if it is to be blamed.

If you look at those times, they coincide with when many people are returning home from work. So the roads are busier and people take more risks and drive at excessive speeds to get home or get to the bar to get smashed.

There’s that word speed again. A lot of Thais drive TOO FAST ! I had an Audi sports car almost touching my back-bumper the other day and I was doing 80km/h. I was bloody scared because I had nowhere to go.

We published an article recently about young Thai male motorcyclists. Everyone agrees they are a problem but they won’t be affected by police roadblocks late at night. They will be in bed or hospital already.

I will happily take Doctor Thaijing Siripanich of The Anti-Drink Driving Foundation for a day-trip around Buriram in my car so he can see for himself who is causing the carnage. Drivers who can’t drive but think they can and drive too fast.

Until some way is found to get people to drive with consideration for other road users and learn to think,”What if?” nothing will change.


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