Round The World UK Cyclist Feels Safe On Thailand’s Roads

Cyclist going round the world.(Photo :-Krobkroakrao)

A young female cyclist pedaling around the world told Thai media she is not worried about having an accident in the kingdom.

Because Alex, 21, says she always keeps to the edge of the road.

She was found cycling with her possessions on the back along the scenic route next to the Mae Ping River in Tak province in Thailand’s north west.

Media has stated that tourists were usually in large groups so their attention was alerted to the lone cyclist who they said was very pretty.

Alex told them she left the UK two months ago and had been to Europe, America and Australia and had now turned her attention to Asia.

She said she manages to do about 100 kilometres a day though progress recently had been slowed due to the monsoon season.

She always receives a great reception wherever she goes, she said.

She added that she was not concerned about accidents as she keeps to the side of the road.

She plans to complete her round the world trip in a total of about 5 to 6 months and will then return to the UK.

She would do well to note that a round the world cyclist on the Thai roads last year was wiped out by a large truck on the Friendship Highway. That being said, we wish her a safe journey and hope that she continues to enjoy her time here.



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